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Super Glitter Rush is a boss-rush style bullet hell shoot-em-up!

30 cute and unique bosses are waiting for you in a colorful world of pixel art.
The hail of bullets might look hard.
But don't worry.
With special bullets that catch your opponent's bullets, you can shoot them all back!
The more you catch, the stronger you get!

  • Perfect for people who like cute things and want a game they can start enjoying right away.
  • 30 unique bosses!
  • 8 playable characters with different abilities!
  • Supercute chiptune soundtrack!


Buy Now$3.99 USD or more

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Super Glitter Rush_1.0.6.zip 16 MB


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i have this game on my phone i actully love it i would also love to see more bosses coming (:


I love this! The OST is great and the bosses are so fun! Also the color palettes give this game so much style.

I had a really great time playing the game! I only wish it was longer, and that getting the 3rd star on the final boss was... a bit more doable. I've replayed that boss at least 100 times trying to get 3 stars and it seems like the RNG works against me a lot... I can't get a 'chain' over 41 and I guess that isn't enough.

Other than that though, I really loved this game! Super sweet and gone too soon, like a delectable dessert.

You get the 3rd star if you beat him within 20s, I managed that with a 29 chain.


Unique, and the OST is absolute FIRE. Everything has a slight vibe of first Wario Ware games and I love it. Please consider submitting this masterpiece in our Mobile Summer Jam. Thank you


I have one question just for curiosity, what game engine did you use?

It's made with Game Maker Studio:2 :)

played it all in one go, but I cant beat the final enemy ^^´

Super fun game tho!

A bite-sized game with a TON of fun packed in!   Shoot the boss, collect gems to keep shooting, and reflect boss attacks for big damage.  Each boss has a variety of attacks and gimmicks to overcome.   There's plenty of content to unlock with each victory and a fantastic soundtrack throughout.   The PC version even updates alongside the Steam ver. for achievements!  Not recommended to rush through it all.  Definitely worth the price!




looks swag